Share Draft Accounts

Share Account Services Fee

$5.00 per withdrawal if more than five (5) withdrawals per month.

Share Draft Account Fees

Administration Fee

$4.00 per month

NSF Cleared Fee

One (1) free per month, $10.00 per item thereafter

NSF Returned Item Fee

$28.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee

$28.00 per request

Share Draft Printing Fee

Pricing may vary depending upon style

Debit Card Replacement Fee

$10.00 per card

Debit Card Overdraft Fee

$28.00 per occurrence

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee

$1.00 plus what machine charges

Share Draft Account Fees

Account Reconcilliation Fee

$10.00 per hour

Statement Copy Fee

$2.00 per copy

Wire Transfer Fee

$15.00 per outgoing transfer

Money Order Fee

$1.00 per transaction

Account Research Fee

$10.00 per hour

Check Copy Fee

$3.00 per copy

Fax Fee

$1.00 per page

Credit Union Check to Third Party

$2.00 each

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee

1% fee with a $2.00 minimum per transaction

Share Reopen Fee


Early Closing Fee

$5.00 if share account closes 60 days from opening/reopening

Return Mail Fee

$5.00 per occurance

Non-Member Notary Fee

$5.00 per seal

Share Draft Account Fees

Small (3×5)


Large (3×10)


Change of Lock Fee

Cost of Service

Drilling of Box Fee

Cost of Service

Key Deposit Fee

$20.00 for both box sizes

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